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This edition is a SOFTCOVER A4 (8x11") book printed on high-quality photographic paper.


Reset your metabolism with FOOD FOR HEALTH and discover a wealth of fascinating topics!

Embark on a transformative journey with this captivating coffee-table book on ketogenic and low-carb nutrition that combines stunning illustrations, practical food tables, and the latest scientific insights.


Gain essential knowledge about the functioning of our bodies, empowering you to make informed decisions and achieve your goals of weight loss, improved health, increased energy, and overall well-being.


Uncover the secrets behind the recommended low-carb or ketogenic nutrition approach and explore the WHY behind this transformative recommendation. Discover the significance of natural, unprocessed foods and nutrient density for optimal results. Embrace a simple and natural diet, unlocking the key to sustainable success on your health journey.


Within the pages of FOOD FOR HEALTH, delve into a wealth of topics, including metabolism, satiety, insulin's pivotal role, and root causes of metabolic diseases like insulin resistance. Gain insights into the metabolic effects of fructose, the importance of ketones, and the unique individuality of carbohydrate tolerance. Explore the connection between the microbiome and well-being, unravel the mysteries of the TOFI phenotype, and dive into the significance of protein, epigenetics, and essential vitamins like D, K2, A, B, and C. Enlighten yourself about the intriguing world of lectins, the metabolic implications of quality sleep and stress management, and much more.


Written with a deep understanding of the challenges people face in metabolic health and lifestyle changes, FOOD FOR HEALTH is motivated by the belief that knowledge is the foundation for true transformation. This inspiring resource seamlessly combines cutting-edge science with practical insights, equipping you with the necessary tools to embark on your own health journey.


The book's beautiful illustrations not only reinforce important messages but also add an element of enjoyment and inspiration. Let the enticing depictions of healthy food choices ignite excitement and make implementing the learned principles into your everyday life a delightful experience.


FOOD FOR HEALTH is your gateway to a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of low-carb and ketogenic nutrition, paving the way for a healthier, vibrant life. Start your transformative journey today and unlock the potential for positive and sustainable changes.

Food For Health: Nutrition Principles For Optimal Metabolism

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